Three Steps

The real opportunity that we have identified is recognizing that when an additional investment of skills and knowledge is applied to an existing enterprise it can achieve sound scalability and growth, whilst ensuring such growth has sufficient funds.

The potential available in the agribusiness sector, relating to growth and innovation are many, although currently the old saying "grains of truth and lots of chaff" also comes to mind. Change, and innovation invariably involves attrition and managing risk is paramount.

Innovation Innovation.

Creating a bigger future for your business based on innovation and unique IP is a challenge.
Having the best technology or achieving potentially great outcomes is well and good, the chasm invariably relates to structures, being investor and investment ready.

You have a system, process, informal or formal IP or patents and are seeking to expand to meet the market opportunity, whilst creating a bigger future for your business.

Finding the relevant support, someone with the background knowledge, frameworks and understanding in your sector is paramount to making the next step. An accounting or legal function is not all that is required, it requires strategy, foresight and practical understanding.

communicate   Connection.

Having clear, unambiguous communication relating to a project to engage with outside organisations is critical. If your IP and technology is technical, focusing on outcomes and market feedback utilising outward facing communication is paramount.

If your business is seeking to divest, seeking to raise private or public capital or specific purpose debt, having documentation that is clear, unambiguous and compliant is the foundation of success.

Our team includes specialist marketing, copyrighting, design and print and digital publication specialists. These people understand the needs of the agrifood space and the sorts of information and messages that are required to be delivered from a legal and communication perspective.

impactful   Impactful.

Seeking credible impactful investment opportunities that provide an edge beyond the norm is challenging from a potential partner viewpoint. All too often businesses are too eager to make contact before they are "ready".

Recognising the impact of external investment on an investee business by focusing on how funding is to be deployed sets the scene for future discussions and negotiations.

Our role as a matchmaker is to filter the noise, provide access to investment and investor ready opportunities and to assist both parties to achieve a meaningful outcome.

Our support is guided by our core principles of care, protect and guide – and we focus on projects that respect their bottom line responsibilities and aim at making a difference within their field.

By channeling entrepreneurship, innovation, and capital, impactful investment is a way of revolutionising how we address the challenges that agribusiness is facing.