We support businesses in relation to various development stages of a project: from seed, start-up and first stage companies to small and medium-sized companies.

When working together, we take active role in the development and growth of your project. The areas we have worked in and are currently engaged with cover:

Sustainable Ag

  • Soil & Crop Technology - Companies developing agrochemical and biological inputs, seed and crop-related technologies with impactful outcomes.
  • Animal Health & Nutrition - Companies developing higher nutritional outcomes from livestock products.
  • Waste & Water Technology - Companies with developed technologies that better treast water for food manufacturing, assisting help minimise waste in food and agriculture value chain.
  • Biomaterials & Biochemicals - Companies generating energy from renewable resources, i.e. biomass.

Precision Ag

  • Decision Support Tech - Companies developing software to collect and analyse data, improving decision-making process in agriculture production.
  • Smart Equipment & Hardware  - Companies leveraging sensors, connected devices or non-robotic machines and Internet of Things in the agriculture value chain.
  • Drones & Robotics - Companies building drones and robotics to specifically address agricultural production.
  • Indoor Agriculture - Companies developing farming operations and supporting technologies that enable indoor food production.

Supply Chain

  • Agri Marketplace - Companies to better communicate and connect farmers to various stakeholders across the agrifood supply chain, as well as ensuring better matching of supply and demand relating to farm inputs.
  • Farm-to-Fork  - Companies delivering food to consumers from farms directly, in a way that streamlines the supply chain. This excludes B2C food e-commerce companies.
  • Food Safety & Traceability - Companies tracking food or ingredient production, or bringing new ways to avoid and detect food-borne diseases, therefore reducing food safety concerns.

 Enhanced Nutritional Value

  • Novel Ingredients & Processing - Companies developing new methodologies to process food and ingredients, so as to maintain their original nutritional value, flavour, functionality and bio-availability. Also includes packaging-related innovation addressing these objectives.
  • Food Fortification - Companies developing efficient, scale-able and economical processes and technologies to enrich staples by adding nutrients
  • Smart Manufacturing Technologies - Companies proposing to utilise smart manufacturing solutions ensuring better nutritional outcomes with less waste.
  • Smart Packaging Solutions - Companies developing packaging solutions that store, sense, compute and wirelessly communicate information and intelligence to ensure better transparency of the agrifood value chain.

Property Investment

  • Strategy - Companies investing in agricultural land to ensure it is the best value, right location and right production offtake potential to meet parameters.
  • Acquisition - Investors seeking properties to ensure lower risk profiles when conducting due diligence and acquistion.
  • Management - Investment in property also crequires operational responsibility. Joint ventures with existing operators or specialist management teams is a lower risk option for many.