Conceptually there are 3 steps that most of our work follows, although often businesses will commence the first step and proceed straight to the Action step. How you choose to proceed would usually be driven by differing short and long-term priorities and what time frames apply to the project.


As part of any prospective engagement we offer you a Snapshot. This is a no charge process that provides an external view of your current situation, explores at a high level the opportunities available to your project, and a basic roadmap of the options you can adopt.

The next step we undertake digs deeper and forms the foundation for any ongoing relationship.

Strategic Review

A strategic review is the first step we both work together upon so as to best assess the current Situation, the Vision for the project when it’s completed and thoughts around the Plan to get there.
Which of the following three aspects Innovation Connected and Impactful also form the cornerstone for this review.
Is the project you are working on seeking outside support or are you seeking to invest into projects also sets the scene. In both instances however the Situation, Vision and Plan needs to be clearly articulated before we become fully engaged.

This is the point where we both agree where things go from here and that in moving forward the outcome of the review forms the foundation of our ongoing activity.


Using the Strategic Review as the foundation collectively we plan the process and outcomes to move forward. The action plan relates to outcomes, sorting out any additional skills and connections we may need to achieve the final outcome. This step is also about connection and communication relating to anyone external that you are seeking to support you and the project on an ongoing or short termbasis.

Having reached this point if you'd like to know more head over to the Get In Touch block on the right of this page and let's have a chat about where you wish to go with your project.