Your confidentiality and that of all of our clients is paramount. And so whilst we are incredibly proud of the clients we work with and the projects with which we have been involved, the fact is that we by and large can never reflect upon it publicly.

In all our work our clear intention is to understand the key foundations of your thinking, your operations, your strategy, and ultimately your objectives. We then strive to assist you in creating a bigger future utilising these foundations.

Below is a snapshot of some of the projects we are engaged with and completed.

High Nutrition Food Product Range

The project involves the aggregation of a range of existing and unrelated technologies into a framework for the development of highly nutritious and bioavailable food products. These products are targeted to achieve entry into a number of specific markets, each of which has been largely ignored to date.
♦ Ongoing

Horticulture Production & Value Adding

Facilitating a group of farm production businesses, implementing changed crop production and associated practices, with a clear pathway of value adding and resultant product marketing. Involves formalising business structures, implementing production trials and delivery of a feasibility study for further investment.
♦ Ongoing / Fund Raising / Joint Ventures.

Food Processing Commercialisation & Retail

Involving a family business with unique food industry IP with world wide potential. The project involved a full business plan development and strategic review of the IP while raising funds for three interconnected businesses. The project, ongoing, includes the development of strategic alliances internationally.
♦ Fundraising/Joint Ventures.

Premium Horticulture

Working with specialist horticultural business to support change management, financial planning and value chain management. Initial growth of 10X, opened new markets and products requiring changed practices and packaging.
♦ Ongoing.

Cattle Production & Value Adding

Facilitating amalgamation of a group of farms, implementing changed animal and crop production and associated practices, with a clear pathway of value adding and resultant product export marketing. Involved formalising business structures, delivery of a major feasibility study for further investment and initial project management plans.
♦ Completed.

Poultry Production and Genetics

Engaged to develop and complete merger and growth strategies in the production and genetics of a boutique poultry enterprise. Includes developing R&D systems and processes, changed marketing and branding strategies
♦ Completed.

Food Processing IP Commercialisation

Involving a family business with unique food related IP of a disruptive nature. The project includes completion of due diligence, strategic business and financial model development, review of the IP, corporate structuring. The divestment is to allow the full potential of the IP to be developed and to allow the current owners to invest into other unrelated food value adding processes.
♦ Completed.

Plant Based Nutritional & Food Products

Engaged to conduct feasibility studies and IP due diligence on the business and financial models for greenfield project. To continue to facilitate business structure and organisational systems, development of associated documentation and investor negotiation for a full capital raising.
♦ Completed.

Plant & Soil Nutrition Product Range

Engaged to complete due diligence into a range of impactful plant and soil nutritional products. Includes negotiations with international IP owners relating to territorial rights, value added manufacturing, warehouse and distribution. Will include overseeing product related trials across Australia.
♦ Complete

Broadacre Cropping Aggregation

Engaged to review and monitor the operation and consider the possible strategic divestment of a large scale cropping aggregation on behalf of a mortgagee in possession. As a consequence of the review, we oversaw the marketing and sale process. The structure of the sale attracted international interest from institutional investors. The sale result exceeded both the lenders expectations as well as the initial valuation.
♦ Completed

Export Manufacturing Retail Ready

Restructuring and funding of garment brand that controls the supply chain from raw material to final product delivered to premium international markets. The ongoing project has demand that far outweighs the ability to deliver and innovative management; financing and distribution systems are being developed as a result.
♦ Completed.

Animal Production & Genetics

Engaged to conduct due diligence on the business and financial models of an animal production and genetic improvement system. As a consequence business structures, associated documentation and investor negotiation was conducted and concluded.
♦ Completed

Agricultural Land Regeneration

Working with specialist agronomic team to implement changed property management and associated practices, with a clear pathway for the redevelopment of degraded land, resulting changed land use and reestablishment of viable operations.
♦ Complete.

Animal Health Monitoring

Development of commercialisation strategies for IP relating to dairy cow early detection health monitoring systems
♦ Complete.

Large Scale Commercial MSW Composting

Development of business, financial and logistical models to scale up existing small scale commercial operation. Developing strategic plans for large scale biological fertiliser facilities within Australia and internationally
♦ Complete.

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