Each of the Team at Growth Point Agribusiness has experience in business building. A key aspect of the value you receive is that The Team has been in exactly the same position as you have, each person has built and grown multiple successful businesses or been involved with family businesses themselves. They understand the issues faced by growing businesses and can empathise with how business owners feel at different stages in the business growth cycle.

Having worked with businesses, individuals and organisations throughout Australia and overseas our team literally has hundreds of contacts on whom we draw from, to assist with specific issues or components of projects. This broad network of hands-on specialist providers, when engaged, are there to support your requirements, these cover accounting, CFO, legal, managerial IT, finance and HR. Consequently, if we need the services of any out-of- the-ordinary skills, we can usually locate such within 48 hours.

This model of specialist resource access means that we do not have a large administrative overhead, supporting such skills in house skills, and that you only invest in the skills required when and as the project require.

Andrew YoungAndrew Young

With a background of over 30 years in agribusiness management, facilitation and strategic planning and strategising, you have access to a breadth of experience and insight to projects that I've been involved in.

I've been described as an "expert generalist" with the experience, knowledge, passion, and candor to lead select business owners, and their teams, in the discovery, analysis, planning, decision-making, and management of business matters.

In playing an active role as the CEO, manager, and co-investor, in business rollups and group investment projects I have worked in a range of sectors including agribusiness, IT/software, manufacturing, distribution and environmental sectors across regional Australia. Involvement in capital raising, business workouts, management buyouts, management facilitation, strategic marketing, education and mentoring in Australia and across eight other countries, provides unique business exposure..

The leadership of client education, management facilitation, and mentoring programs for SME's, in 3 states, is an area that you also have access to.

In addition to many and varied life and business experiences, I have formal qualifications including Marketing, Business Development, Agribusiness, and has also received international recognition for work in community development project management. I'm currently undertaking further studies in international business and entrepreneurial management.

Life is about more than direct business and I have an involvement as the Chair of Cultivate Agribusiness

  • Cultivate is a community leader in Sustainable Agribusiness Development who supports the agribusinesses sector across the Central Highlands of Victoria by delivering a range of targeted activities and projects. Cultivate provides a voice for agribusinesses across the region by promoting and delivering activities that support our farmers, food manufacturer and retailers, and associated businesses.


Kieth Westblade

Kieth has hands-on operational and managerial background across a number of industry sectors, across regional Australia. He has successfully built and exited his own businesses in the agribusiness, retail, property and wholesale sectors.

Kieth has also extensive experience in interfacing with Government Departments and their public Divisions, along with private organisations in relation to service delivery and training. 

Kieth has extensive experience and skills in ...

  • Business project management
  • Export management
  • Integration of physical documentation into digital systems
  • Logistics
  • Negotiation skills in procurement and supply
  • Operational and strategic sales processes
  • Planning and Construction
  • Recruitment and HR management
  • Training implementation in a clear and precise manner

With a broad base of experience and commitment to ongoing life-long education, Kieth brings sound advice to businesses with a level of professionalism and diligence that achieves results.  With the key ability to keep an eye on the big picture and the finer detail, Kieth’s project management skills ensure achieving desired outcomes on time, on budget.