The fundamental purpose of Growth Point Agribusiness is to help realise the dreams of leading edge business owners by intimately guiding the business growth exit and capital transaction processes.

gtiWe are a specialised team of passionate, committed and visionary professionals devoted to customising the value proposition of your business so that it makes the most sense in the mind of those who you seek support from to reap the maximum reward for you in the marketplace.

The people who work with us have a focus on three core issues ...

  • Growth / Exit Strategies
  • Technological application
  • Idea generation and implementation

Our approach is fundamentally simple –

  • to utilise our collective intellectual capital and networks to identify commercial opportunities;
  • to partner with highly motivated client organisations; 
  • to deliver rapid strategic and operational improvements across their business; all with the objective of achieving a step change in business growth and value generation.

In brief, we’re about building more powerful business propositions, so that the the true value of your business is able to be developed and how to best best position it in the marketplace to receive it.

What we do

  • Acquisitions
  • Business Development Facilitation
  • Business De-Risking
  • External Board Representation
  • Family Business Structures and Succession Planning
  • Preparation for becoming Acquisition, Investor or Exit Ready
  • Private Capital Transactions
  • Private Liquidity Programmes
  • Trade Sales and Strategic Exits

Our point of difference

Growth Point Agribusiness is not just your typical business development or corporate facilitatory firm. Rather than being just a straight fee for service offering, we also seek to work with companies that we can also invest into. This ensures that there is a strong alignment between us.

So rather than just working with anyone who will pay us, we are much more selective with the clients we take on.
We specifically seek to work with and invest into companies who meet some of the following criteria:

  • Proven businesses with quality management
  • Willingness to push for change to create a bigger future for the business, the staff, the management and the owners.
  • Scalable business opportunity with significant potential value uplift within the medium long term
  • Capital raising to support a clear growth and payback strategy

For you the client, this means that we are more committed to the process and working with you on a long term basis to create value for the existing shareholders.

Our sectors of focus

  • Agribusiness - whole supply chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Disruptive Technologies and IP
  • ICT
We have a particular emphasis on assisting businesses, of all types, emanating from or based in regional Australia.

What we don't do

  •     Hourly rate business consulting or mentoring
  •     Turnarounds and recapitalisations
  •     Work for "free" on the promise of a huge commission

When you work with us you have access to 4 distinct advantages


Our services are not just a department or subsidiary of another main unrelated discipline or professional service. Growth Point Agribusiness was established to provide business development, strategic facilitation and consulting, capital raising, and private placement services.

Practical Experience

There is no substitute for practical experience. Theory is fine but in today’s business climate a practical approach is essential. Our partners, and associates all have many years of practical ‘hands on’ experience.

Since commencing business we have maintained a strict policy that our clients should have the additional benefit of knowledge not found in textbooks – knowledge which can only be gained through experience working in the industry and which can minimise the risk and enhance the success of any undertaking.

Practical Outcomes.

Verbose reports and complex solutions associated with meaningless jargon and padding are of little use. We have a policy of working in a straightforward manner, which can be easily understood and easily applied.

Wide Range of Contacts

Having worked with businesses, individuals and organisations throughout Australia and Internationally we have hundreds of contacts. If we need the services of any out-of- the-ordinary skills, we can usually locate such within 48 hours.

Clients are guaranteed a fresh perspective and a healthy dose of authenticity in the communication we have, and an honesty in the accountability called for.

You will find it easy dealing with us. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, our ability to come to grips with concepts and ideas and a solid grasp of the language, and you may be interested in what others say about working with us.

If what we offer here connects with you then make contact and we can discuss possibilities.


Andrew Young