Business Owners exit their businesses for various reasons. When a Business Owner chooses to do so, the MawsonExit and Succession Planning team works closely with Business Owners to ensure an appropriate reward for what is often their life’s work. Mawson Exit and Succession Planning aims to maximise the certainty of an exit outcome within a timeframe that meets the vendor’s expectations. Of course, we also aim to maximise the overall business value.
Client Needs

Typical reasons why businesses have failed to transition or exit include (but are not limited to):

    Over reliance on one or limited few product lines
    Over reliance on key management
    Lack of key management or strength of management in the current team
    Family members lack the desire and/or ability to step up to a leadership role
    Logical buyers are key competitors and deemed too risky to enter into agreement
    Other personal, business or market related reasons.

Our Approach

From the outset, we work to clearly understand what a business owner wishes to achieve from the exit process. We address the key inhibitors preventing a smooth transition of ownership and/or management. This approach helps our clients realise the maximum enterprise value of their companies.

Typically, all our engagements start with a no obligation meeting to discuss the current situation. Thereafter, a proposal is submitted and a Diagnostic Review is compiled. The Diagnostic Review is performed against the backdrop of the client’s objectives and needs, in order to identify and assess the best options available to the company. The Diagnostic Review  provides options, solutions and recommendations as to how best realise the business owner’s objectives.

Once the Diagnosic Review Recommendations are agreed, and assuming the client wants assistance to execute the recommendations, Mawson Exit and Succession Planning will agree the terms for execution and delivery. This may include:

    Management Buy-Out
    Management Buy-In
    Trade Sale
    Family Succession with or without interim leadership
    Strategic sale to PE or Offshore party
    Staged/Tiered exit (if it qualifies)