Will your business catch the Wave?

Will You Catch the Next Wave?

Businesses and industries going through a downturn, need to know that being prepared for the inevitable upturn is THE most important step for the future.

A mate who was a serious surfer preached a mantra … “catch the wave before it forms … otherwise you’ll miss it or get dumped.”

Businesses that are directly or indirectly exposed to drought or commodity cycle events, are familiar with the concept of crashes or downturns and what naturally occurs coming out the other side.

At this point there are many, for whom this current situation may be your first exposure to such a downturn, whilst others it’s a “we’ve been here before” type thinking, except for the stay at home bit.

Where are you headed with the fallout from this event?

Will it be positive, mildly negative, severe, or catastrophic?

Will your response be reactionary or strategic?

Are you making the best use of this imposed lockdown to get ready to catch the next wave?


The basis for these questions relates to some research I’m conducting for a project into innovation, entrepreneurship and trade, where I’m seeking to gain a broader understanding of what business challenges are being faced and where plans and strategies are leading.

This is an invitation to you, or someone you know, who has a business based in regional Australia, that has an innovation focus as a key driver, be it formal IP, systems, procedures, markets, business models or products and services.

I’d like to spend no more than 40 minutes to discover what are the dangers being faced, the opportunities that will be open and what strengths the team have to bring to the table, to implement your strategic agenda for the future.

This isn’t about selling you a solution to the pandemic situation you find yourself in, it’s about exchanging ideas to discover where at a big picture strategic level you are at.

If you would like to participate then select your day and time here alternatively contact me here.

Many thanks


Conceptually there are 3 steps that most of our work follows, although often businesses will commence the first step and proceed straight to the Action step. How you choose to proceed would usually be driven by differing short and long-term priorities and what time frames apply to the project.


As part of any prospective engagement we offer you a Snapshot. This is a no charge process that provides an external view of your current situation, explores at a high level the opportunities available to your project, and a basic roadmap of the options you can adopt.

The next step we undertake digs deeper and forms the foundation for any ongoing relationship.

Strategic Review

A strategic review is the first step we both work together upon so as to best assess the current Situation, the Vision for the project when it’s completed and thoughts around the Plan to get there.
Which of the following three aspects Innovation Connected and Impactful also form the cornerstone for this review.
Is the project you are working on seeking outside support or are you seeking to invest into projects also sets the scene. In both instances however the Situation, Vision and Plan needs to be clearly articulated before we become fully engaged.

This is the point where we both agree where things go from here and that in moving forward the outcome of the review forms the foundation of our ongoing activity.


Using the Strategic Review as the foundation collectively we plan the process and outcomes to move forward. The action plan relates to outcomes, sorting out any additional skills and connections we may need to achieve the final outcome. This step is also about connection and communication relating to anyone external that you are seeking to support you and the project on an ongoing or short termbasis.

Having reached this point if you'd like to know more our contact details are here and let's have a chat about where you wish to go with your project.


Three Steps

The real opportunity that we have identified is recognizing that when an additional investment of skills and knowledge is applied to an existing enterprise it can achieve sound scalability and growth, whilst ensuring such growth has sufficient funds.

The potential available in the agribusiness sector, relating to growth and innovation are many, although currently the old saying "grains of truth and lots of chaff" also comes to mind. Change, and innovation invariably involves attrition and managing risk is paramount.

Innovation Innovation.

Creating a bigger future for your business based on innovation and unique IP is a challenge.
Having the best technology or achieving potentially great outcomes is well and good, the chasm invariably relates to structures, being investor and investment ready.

You have a system, process, informal or formal IP or patents and are seeking to expand to meet the market opportunity, whilst creating a bigger future for your business.

Finding the relevant support, someone with the background knowledge, frameworks and understanding in your sector is paramount to making the next step. An accounting or legal function is not all that is required, it requires strategy, foresight and practical understanding.

communicate   Connection.

Having clear, unambiguous communication relating to a project to engage with outside organisations is critical. If your IP and technology is technical, focusing on outcomes and market feedback utilising outward facing communication is paramount.

If your business is seeking to divest, seeking to raise private or public capital or specific purpose debt, having documentation that is clear, unambiguous and compliant is the foundation of success.

Our team includes specialist marketing, copyrighting, design and print and digital publication specialists. These people understand the needs of the agrifood space and the sorts of information and messages that are required to be delivered from a legal and communication perspective.

impactful   Impactful.

Seeking credible impactful investment opportunities that provide an edge beyond the norm is challenging from a potential partner viewpoint. All too often businesses are too eager to make contact before they are "ready".

Recognising the impact of external investment on an investee business by focusing on how funding is to be deployed sets the scene for future discussions and negotiations.

Our role as a matchmaker is to filter the noise, provide access to investment and investor ready opportunities and to assist both parties to achieve a meaningful outcome.

Our support is guided by our core principles of care, protect and guide – and we focus on projects that respect their bottom line responsibilities and aim at making a difference within their field.

By channeling entrepreneurship, innovation, and capital, impactful investment is a way of revolutionising how we address the challenges that agribusiness is facing.

We support businesses in relation to various development stages of a project: from seed, start-up and first stage companies to small and medium-sized companies.

When working together, we take active role in the development and growth of your project. The areas we have worked in and are currently engaged with cover:

Sustainable Ag

  • Soil & Crop Technology - Companies developing biological inputs, seed and crop-related technologies with impactful outcomes.
  • Animal Health & Nutrition - Companies developing higher nutritional outcomes from livestock products.
  • Waste & Water Technology - Companies with developed technologies that better treast water for food manufacturing, assisting help minimise waste in food and agriculture value chain.
  • Biomaterials & Biochemicals - Companies generating energy from renewable resources, i.e. biomass.


Precision Ag

  • Decision Support Tech - Companies developing software to collect and analyse data, improving decision-making process in agriculture production.
  • Smart Equipment & Hardware - Companies leveraging sensors, connected devices or non-robotic machines and Internet of Things in the agriculture value chain.
  • Drones & Robotics - Companies building drones and robotics to specifically address agricultural production.

Supply Chain

  • Agri Marketplace - Companies to better communicate and connect farmers to various stakeholders across the agrifood supply chain, as well as ensuring better matching of supply and demand relating to farm inputs.
  • Farm-to-Fork - Companies delivering food to consumers from farms directly, in a way that streamlines the supply chain. This excludes B2C food e-commerce companies.
  • Food Safety & Traceability - Companies tracking food or ingredient production, or bringing new ways to avoid and detect food-borne diseases, therefore reducing food safety concerns.


Enhanced Nutritional Value

  • Novel Ingredients & Processing - Companies developing new methodologies to process food and ingredients, so as to maintain their original nutritional value, flavour, functionality and bio-availability. Also includes packaging-related innovation addressing these objectives.
  • Food Fortification - Companies developing efficient, scale-able and economical processes and technologies to enrich staples by adding nutrients
  • Smart Manufacturing Technologies - Companies proposing to utilise smart manufacturing solutions ensuring better nutritional outcomes with less waste.
  • Smart Packaging Solutions - Companies developing packaging solutions that store, sense, compute and wirelessly communicate information and intelligence to ensure better transparency of the agrifood value chain.

Property Investment

  • Strategy - Companies investing in agricultural land to ensure it is the best value, right location and right production offtake potential to meet parameters.
  • Acquisition - Investors seeking properties to ensure lower risk profiles when conducting due diligence and acquistion.
  • Management - Investment in property also crequires operational responsibility. Joint ventures with existing operators or specialist management teams is a lower risk option for many.

Thanks for checking in.

While it is common today for people seek to label what other people and businesses "do", we don't go for lables. If there was a label it would use the words ... passionate, challenging, pragmatic and questioning.

When assisting agribusinesses, based across regional Australia we bring that very real passion with us. We assume your bring a passion for what you do and so we work together to create a bigger future for your business. Whether it is reviewing your strategy, IP, business structure, family business, export readiness, joint ventures or more. Along the way we question everything, not to criticize but to discover how and why.

We aren't lawyers or accountants, however we've worked with hundreds and know the theories and practical nature of strategies, plans and competitiveness and how they impact upon business change and growth.

You can find out more about Our Values and examples of current and recently completed work as an overview of who we are and how we work with businesses.

One aspect of our working together is that we collaborate with other specialists and call them in on an as needs basis. This way we have access to the most up to date skills and multiple perspectives to assist with the work that needs to be done.

You have access to the energy and passion that I bring to everything l do. My approach is always focused with healthy pragmatism ... and so what you see, is what you get.

If you have any questions or queries then don't hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to connecting