The tips of a plant, both above and below ground, 
are the points where the most dynamic change occurs in a growing plant.

growth point agribusiness provides strategic support, access to intellectual asset development and strategies, 
along with match making processes into selected Australian agribusiness ventures 
to enable them to achieve dynamic growth and their full potential.

Dairy Cows

Core Challenges

The real opportunity to be grasped is recognition that when an additional investment of skills and knowledge is applied to an existing enterprise it can achieve rapid scalability and growth, whilst ensuring such growth has sufficient funds.

The Investor Challenge

For those seeking to invest in the agribusiness sector the prime issue is one of strategy.

  • Invest into Listed / Unlisted Entities or Managed Funds
  • Invest into Managed Investment Schemes
  • Invest directly into agribusinesses’

The next challenge is that many successful agribusinesses are co-operatives or highly successful, family-based operations and therefore not readily available to outside investors.

The Investee Challenge

Even the most successful agribusinesses find it difficult to shore up capital positions and ensure access to funds for future business developments.

  • Capital Growth and Succession
  • Management Skills and Succession
  • Productivity Growth and Investment

The Business Challenge

Many successful agribusinesses have intellectual assets, both formal and informal, that are not achieving their full potential.

  • How to fund the growth and implementation strategies?
  • How to have the most advantageous business structure for the future growth strategies?
  • Finding partners for marketing and growth to local and international markets.

Investment Challenge

So where is the investment coming from that will drive growth and productivity gains in Australian agribusiness?

At one end of the scale are the multi-billion dollar funds seeking to acquire extensive enterprises and at the other are relatively smaller investors whose funds are seeking niche and technologically advanced opportunities, with distinct value adding opportunities along the supply chain.

The growth point strategy is focused on the $500 thousand to $150 million investment parcels. Those who seek to enter the market discretely and take a position alone or as a part of an aggregation of capital also access growth point services.

Some strategies often ignored are joint ventures, liscence agreements and mergers. In many cases, the existing business can restructure to facilitate a growth process, as many have been structured purely for tax purposes. growth point acts as a facilitating part in such areas having had extensive experience in this area.


The Opportunity

Demand from agribusinesses seeking to grow and expand utilising equity partnerships has surged following the introduction of growth point. These include larger family farm enterprises, co-operatives and highly successful integrated value adding operations.

Equity partnerships bring a mix of skills and capital that supports growth and expansion and they’re a rapidly emerging pathway to agribusiness growth. They spread the risk of investing in the sector, can release equity for succession planning, and unlock the benefits of investing in the sector without all participants having to legally own every component of the agribusiness.

On the investment side, growth point currently have been experiencing increasing demand from local and international investors including large family businesses, high net worth investors and trusts to invest on a standalone or aggregated basis in selected opportunities.


Next Steps

We have a number of opportunities open to negotiation at present including genetic IP, food ingredients, farming enterprises and associated property investment, along with value adding processing and distribution enterprises. Business and investment development along with derisking is underway, and each is at a different stage of the investment cycle.

Investors are currently seeking opportunities across the supply chain from on farm production, value added processing and export sectors.

For further information about projects seeking investment or a project you would like investment into contact us here.

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